Hola! I'm Amelia!


I'm originally from Toronto, Canada but for the last 7+ years Buenos Aires has been my home with my main men,, my super pups, Enzo and Santo.

I'm a bit awkward and silly and I sometimes say goofy things but I laugh a lot, mostly at myself, and I feel super weird talking about me! But I'll keep going......

My first camera was my Dad's. A clunky old Pentax P3. When I started shooting, I just knew it was something that felt right. I want to say "clicked" but I also want you to keep reading so I am so not going to scare you with my Dad-joke ;)

Now, I photograph everything from food and events to interiors and still life but, my heart lives in portraiture and photographing real people. I have been all over the world, and even worked on ships in Antarctica. I've seen and done lots of stuff but I still get pretty jazzed up about capturing real moments and creating awesome memories for cool people like you.

I also love the raw imagery of street photography, so I started a photo tour company here in B.A. called Day Clicker. If you are visiting and you like photography and want to hang. Send me a message!


My Approach


I'm a people person at heart and it's important to me that we make a real connection. Taking the time to get to know you a bit makes for a more relaxed experience, resulting in more natural photos. In fact, quite often my clients become my friends. Truth! 

I want to document you and all your quirky little nuances that make you special and unique. I'm all about the in-between shots and the 'real you' moments. To me, a pose isn't something stiff and unnatural, it's more of a suggestion that leads to honest capture so I can tell the story of who you are, where you were and what you were feeling.

So, let's connect. Come and meet me for a coffee or wine if you're in the city. Message me and we can talk about your next shoot and how I can tell your story.