Hola! I'm Amelia, I am your professional portrait photographer based in Buenos Aires. I'm originally from Toronto, Canada but for the last 5+ years BA has been my home.


So, a little about me. Clearly, I love photography. I shoot everything from food and events to interiors and still life but, I really love portraiture and photographing real people. Sometimes I hear clients say "I hate my photo being taken" or "I look awful in photos", this is when I get excited! I love changing someone's idea of how they see themselves and creating something beautiful in an image. Documenting special occasions, fun times, family and couples love is what I do. It's what makes me feel "Yes! I am doing what I should be doing!" Plus, I really like people. I think it's important for a photographer to connect with clients. It makes for a relaxed experience, resulting in more natural photos.

It's not just lifestyle photography that I love.  I also have experience is photographing pretty much anything. Browse my images of interiors, wildlife, food or drop me a line and let's talk about what you would like documented.

I also love the raw imagery of street photography, so I started a photo tour company called Day Clicker here in Buenos Aires in 2010. The concept is simple. We hang out for the day, I teach you about your camera and we shoot some real life images in cool, hip 'barrios'. Or you can put your camera down and let me follow you around taking great images of your holidays, special moment (ENGAGEMENT!) or just for fun. It's street photography wrapped in an urban photo adventure with pro pics as the cherry on top!

Just when I thought living in BA and working freelance and operating a tour company wasn't amazing enough, I also take clients to Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica. I lead tourists on the ship and ashore lecturing about photography and giving hands on advice to passengers. I think you should come with me on a voyage! You totally can! It will change your life.

So, let's connect. Come and meet me and my dog, Enzo for a coffee if you're in the city, message me and we can talk about your next shoot and how I can tell your story.

Photo by Johnny Wolf